by warmingamerica

Welcome to the ‘Warming America’ blog! Warming America is brought to you by The P.A.C.C.A. Label.

So you’re probably thinking to yourself, what is ‘Warming America’?

As The P.A.C.C.A. Label’s owner and founder, I have always strived to be apart of putting good into the world and giving back when I can. One cold night during a late walk in downtown Los Angeles I realized just how many people were laying on the streets bare with nothing to keep them warm. Often longing for a way to help those who have fallen into unfortunate circumstances, I came up with a plan. So often, I thought to myself, so many of us go through our closets and throw out items we consider ‘old’, ‘out of style’, or just ‘no use’. In some occasions we may actually take a drive to our local Goodwill or even occasionally pass them down to younger relatives. Unfortunately though, that is not always the case. So I pledged to help those on the streets keep warm while also providing a way for people to give back by doing very little and spending no money. Thus ‘Warming America’ was born.

As all of the legalities are being finished up as we speak, the project shall be starting very soon. One Saturday a month, every month, The P.A.C.C.A. Label will set up a location for those who can to come and donate a jacket, hoodie, or sweater of any size for ‘Warming America’. Everyone who donates will receive a sticker to wear with pride proclaiming they’re part in ‘Warming America’. The following Sunday of the chosen Saturday, all items donated will be passed out on the streets to those who would like some extra coverage to keep them warm.

Here at ‘Warming America’ we are starting a movement and want to give everyone the opportunity to do something that will help change lives and restore our homeless’ faith in humanity. Won’t you join us?

There is more to come, but for now I bid you adieu.